Experience is the key to understanding!

Not only do we assist your employees in all matters concerning their move, we also help to ensure a fast and harmonious integration in their new environment. The beauty and charm of our region inspire us to do our very best for your employees and their families. We therefore commit our time to fulfilling the wishes and ideas of each single employee.

About me:
I was born in 1958, am married and have two children. After becoming a logistics manager, I worked as a sales and organisation manager for 11 years. I spent 11 further years applying my experience as a senior consultant in the areas of ERP and logistics for automotive suppliers throughout the world.

Place your trust in our expertise, our experience and our standards. In order to achieve our high standard, we do everything to:

  • comprehensively anticipate and manage all tasks
  • exceed limits
  • handle unexpected challenges flexibly and creatively
  • focus on the people involved
  • adapt our services to your needs and continuously improve them